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12 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

What is 12 Mukhi Rudraksha?

The Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha represents the Sun and is led by Lord Sunriya Dev. The wearer of this Rudraksha acquires the qualities of the sun, which include its ability to rule and move without interruption with incredible warmth and life. This Rudraksha represent the 12 Jyoti of god. The business man, ministers, administrators, and politicians should wear this Rudraksha for name, renown, fortune, success, and power since it gives political authority and enhances a person's administrative capacity. According to astrology, the wearer of Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha experiences endless happiness, joy, and confidence in future.

It improves the personality of the wearer. This Rudraksha is highly beneficial for those who are shy around others and find it difficult to voice their opinions in front of others or in front of a group. In this blog, you will gain in-depth knowledge about 12 mukhi rudraksha, Original 12 Mukhi Rudraksha, 12 mukhi rudraksha ke fayde, mantra, power, and more.

How to Find Original 12 Mukhi Rudraksha?

Finding the original 12 Mukhi Rudraksha is challenging. However, you can identify the real with these methods.

Test in Water

First the Rudraksha can be underwater for hours in a glass of water. After a few hours, the Rudraksha will still be solid, the Mukhi colours will be consistent from top to bottom, and this test will reveal whether or not the Rudraksha has tiny holes.

Test on Copper Coin

Different from popular belief, the Rudraksha bead will not rotate when positioned between two copper coins.

Milk Test

Some false vendors declare that the milk does not curdle or spoil for two to three days after it has been soaked with the Rudraksha beads during the Milk test, which involves placing the beads in a glass of milk.

Benefits of 12 Mukhi Rudraksha

  • A twelve-mukhi rudraksha wearer receives the sun's brilliance.
  • This Rudraksha eliminates anxiety, mistrust, and fear.
  • The twelve Mukhi rudraksha expands energy and self-esteem.
  • A Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha is highly recommended for political, governmental, or administrative workers.
  • The Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha helps in treating conditions including right eye, bone, and mental anxiety disorders that are taken on by the Sun's unfavorable placement in the horoscope.
  • The Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha also aids in resolving issues with one's father and other senior relatives.
  • It reduces the wearer immune to cardiac diseases.

How to Wear 12 Mukhi Rudraksha

  • To wear an Original 12 Mukhi Rudraksha, it must be emotional. On a Sunday, Rudraksha's 12 mukhi beads must be worn. To energize the bead, adhere to the steps.
  • Get up at first light on a Sunday,
  • Taking bath and dressing in clean wears.
  • Before you begin, take a seat and chant in a neat location.
  • Sit facing the bid alter with your back to the East.
  • • Finally, while wearing the Rudraksha, chant mantra "SRI SURYAYE NAMAH" and "AUM KRAUM SRAUM RAUM NAMAH" 108 times while holding the bead in your hand.
  • The 12 Mukhi Rudraksha can be stringing on silk or wool thread or its caps can be plated in silver or gold so that it can be worn as a bracelet or mala. A Rudraksha bead needs to be activated by being placed on your skin in order to function on the problematic areas.

12 Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra

The 12 Mukhi Rudraksha can be worn on a Monday morning after chanting "OM KROM SHROM ROM NAMAH" 108 times since, at Rudra Gems, we boost every bead through Mantras before giving them to our customers. Wash the bead in milk and then gangajal before wearing it, after reciting "OM KROM SHROM ROM NAMAH" 108 times.

Who Should Wear the Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha?

This Twelve Mukhi Rudhraksha is beneficial for administrators, physicians, lawyers, and individuals. They should wear the Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha to improve their judgment and decision-making skills, enabling them to be the best in their profession. The 12 mukhi rudhraksha help to reduce negative tendencies like worrying, suspicion, reliance, and low self-esteem. It can also reduce tension and aggression. Additionally, it can boost and energize the heart, eyesight, and digestive system. Wearing a Rudraksha and reciting the Surya Gayatri mantra in the early morning hours before sunrise are advised for the best benefits.

12 Mukhi Rudraksha Wearers Should Follow these Rules:

  • Worship it daily.
  • Always maintain faith in it.
  • Never show off your Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha bead to others.
  • Don't wear broken rudraksha beads.
  • Don't give anyone your bead.
  • Once you've worn it, avoid using chemical soap.
  • Eat only vegetarian fare after wearing a rudraksha.
  • After wearing it, avoid drinking.
  • Before attending the funeral, take it off.
  • Wearing a 12-face rudraksha mala is not advised due to its vital energy.
  • Remove your rudraksha from your wrist before going to bed and place it where you adore God.